Apascentai Minhas Ovelhas
"Feed My Sheep"  

A non-profit ministry to the poor founded in 1999 in São Paulo, Brazil.
A.M.O.’s purpose is to reach the very poor and needy for Christ and to help them with their spiritual, emotional and physical needs.

Evangelism                  Discipleship                  Church Planting

Ministering to the cities of:

Campinas, São Paulo, Jarinú, Campo Limpo Pta, Varzea Pta.

"A favela is a Brazilian shantytown or slum. Favelas are often considered a disgrace within Brazil. ...[They] are often characterized by an almost total absence of numbered streets, sanitation networks, electricity, telephone service, or plumbing. Most favelas are inaccessible by vehicles, the houses being randomly built, circulation provided by stairways, passageways or simply tracks....Drug dealers dominate and delegate everything that goes on within the favelas.

São Paulo's favelas tend to be ...very violent...the general life standard is somewhat even worse than in Rio. People that live in favelas, known as favelados, are often very poor. Many live below the poverty line on less than 100 US$ per month."                            source: Wikipedia.......http://wikipedia.org/wiki/favelas


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Favela Fire Update